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Our Native Bee Propolis

All of our products are made with ingredients from Australian Native Bees. There is a wide variety of materials that we use from the bees.

Each item in our range includes native bee ingredients that are most suitable to the requirements of the product.

What is Propolis?

Propolis a unique material that bees produce. It is a combination of resins (that the bees collect from trees) and wax (excreted from special glands in the bees). Bees use propolis to seal up gaps in the hive, and as an anti-microbial construction material.

Both Native Bees and Honey Bees only make very small amounts of Propolis.


Why Native Bee Propolis?

The introduced European Honey Bees also produce propolis. However, the propolis from Australian Native Bees is believed to be made with a higher percentage of resins, from a different range of plants, which results in darker colours and potentially higher beneficial qualities.

Additionally, supporting native beekeepers supports native bees - and these are the bees that need our help.  Find out more about conservation

Our Propolis Process


Step 1.

The bees forage for tree resins and combine it with their natural waxes to create propolis. 


Step 2.

A small amount of propolis is carefully and ethically harvested. 

IMG_7087 2.jpg

Step 3.

The propolis is processed - either dissolved in an oil to create a propolis extract, or lightly heated with the sun to purify the wax.

Other Native Bee ingredients we use


Refined Native beeswax

This incredible ingredient is formed from native bee propolis.


The propolis is lightly heated to remove impurities and resins, which results in a powerful pure native beeswax.


Refined Native Beeswax has similar physical properties and benefits to European Honey Beeswax (such being a nourishing ingredient in balms and creams), in addition to many of the beneficial properties associated with Native Bee propolis.


Native Bee Honey

Native Bee Honey is an incredibly powerful ingredient, and it is produced in very small quantities. It is stored by the bees in special 'honey pots' made from Propolis. This means that some of the beneficial qualities of Propolis may infuse with the honey.


Its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities make it beneficial for topical wound application. Additionally, native bee honey contains a unique and rare sugar called 'Trehalulose', which does not spike blood sugar when consumed, and does not contribute towards tooth decay.

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