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About Bush Bees Botanicals

We are an organisation that is incredibly passionate about Australia's native bees. The happiness and health of our bees comes first in everything that we do. After experimenting for years with the unique benefits that native bee products offer, we wanted to share them with everyone - so we created Bush Bees Botanicals.

Bush Bees began as a small project in 2018, and has since flourished into what it is today - an organisation entirely dedicated to native bees, keeping them, helping others keep them, and sharing their produce!

In addition to our botanicals range, we also sell a range of native beekeeping equipment, empty boxes, and other bee-related products such as posters and books. Information regarding our services is available on our main site,


Our Values

All of our products are natural, sustainable, ethically sourced, palm oil free, and cruelty free. We also endeavour to use organic ingredients where possible.

We are 100% Australian Owned and Operated. All of our products are hand crafted by our team here in Australia.

Conservation focused and ethical native beekeeping practices are our priority.

Meet the Team


Isaac is our owner and founder. He began keeping native bees at the age of 12, and opened Bush Bees in 2018.


Jacques manages our order production and fulfilment, as well as developing new products for our Bush Bees Botanicals range.


Martin manages our operations in Queensland, and is the main producer of our workshop products such as hives and bee hotels.



Why do native bees need help?

Native Bees are under threat from a number of fronts including competition for habitat and resources from introduced bee species, land clearing, pesticide use, large scale monocultures, and more. In particular, the 2019 Bushfires had a significant impact, with estimations that they resulted in the death of up to 1 million native bee colonies in the mid-north coast of NSW alone.

What are we doing?

Bush Bees is dedicated to increasing native bee populations through hives and solitary bee hotels. Additionally, we rescue colonies from locations where they are directly threatened by human behaviour, such as felled trees or Telstra pits.


By supporting Bush Bees you support our native bees.

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